More FAQs


What ages do you work with?

Children can start participating in classes as early as 4 years old. We encourage starting Martial Arts at an early age in order to build a solid foundation for more advanced techniques. However, it's also never too late to start! Martial Arts can be a lifelong activity for many people, and a way to not only stay physically healthy, but mentally sharp as well. We have students over 6o years old that are still out-competing teenagers! 

Are parents/guests allowed to watch classes?

Of course! We highly encourage all parents to take the time to watch their children participate in our classes. Over the course of our program, parents will see a drastic improvement in coordination, focus, and overall demeanor not just at our academy, but when it matters at home and at school. 

What is the instructor to child ratio?

For every class, our instructor to child ratio never exceeds 1 to 10. This means that your child will always be given the necessary attention to detail and personalized training to succeed. We pride ourselves in making sure that every students gets the most out of their Martial Arts training at Sky. 

Can I participate in class together with my child?

Of course! Siblings, parents, relatives, and friends are always welcome to participate together. In fact, having a training partner you can regularly practice with will be incredibly beneficial during your Martial Arts career. Parents who participate together with their children also develop a shared interest and can spend quality time doing a fun and engaging activity together.