Why is Taekwondo Great for Kids?


Builds Confidence, Respect, & Self-Control

Those who train in Taekwondo can address nearly every challenge that a child might face. Whether it is bullying, obesity, short attention span, lack of athletic skill, low confidence, or poor self-image, Taekwondo can help!

Taekwondo provides short, medium, and long-term goals and students develop a habit for success by learning to achieve challenging goals with less fear of failure.


Helps Prevent Bullying

Taekwondo provides a tangible way to relieve stress and frustration that leads to abusing others. Strong emphasis on respect and courtesy in every class helps children to understand and develop healthy relationships.

Taekwondo also teaches children to relate physic power to self-control. They are trained to think twice before using physical force in conflict, and learn to use self-control to peacefully guide themselves out of trouble.

Our Programs & Class Schedule

Take the first step to building a strong body, mind, and spirit!

Weaved throughout our age appropriate programs, your family will not only excel from our unique and comprehensive training, but will also gain the fortitude it takes to succeed in any situation. The programs at Sky Family Taekwondo will help your child gain the confidence and discipline necessary to become a winner in life.

Lil' Hawk Classes (4-6 yrs old)


Develop focus & confidence, improve listening, emphasize the importance of exercise and nutrition, develop cooperation & social skills, and learn respect, discipline, hand/eye coordination, and agility.  

Children & Family Classes


Improve self-esteem and develop discipline, respect, and a never-give-up attitude while learning self-defense techniques. Discover the benefits of TKD at school & home. The family that kicks together sticks together! 

Teen & Adult Classes


Achieve physical and mental fitness and find a healthier outlook on life. Surround yourself among helpful peers and training partners and create lasting bonds. Discover your inner strength and build healthy habits. 

Team SKY Competition & Demonstration


Learn essential skills needed to excel in both Sport Poomse and Olympic Sparring, and experience the time-tested techniques & training strategies collected from World Champions and renowned Masters. 

Sky Family Taekwondo Class Schedule


Parents: are welcome to observe classes, and are encouraged to participate together! Please help us maintain a healthy learning environment for all students.

Students are expected to: (1) Be prompt/on time for class (2) Bow and say hello before entering the dojang (3) Bow & greet all instructors and masters (4) Show respect, discipline, and self-control at all times (5) Maintain high performance in schoolwork (6) Be respectful & obedient to parents (7) NEVER GIVE UP!